What Will You Never Regret?


I appreciate the fact that you are reading this blog. I desire not only to share what I have learned about life and the future, but to learn from you as well. At this time I could really use your help. I am working on a chapter in my book on regret.

Most of us have regrets over things we have done in the past or over opportunities we have missed. Sometimes this regret can be very serious and require professional help. Other times it just nags at us and ties us to the past.

Here is what I would like to know from you. Envision yourself at the end of your life. You are about to complete this journey. You look back across the years and think about all that you have done, seen, and experienced.

What are the things that at the end of your life you will never regret having done?

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8 thoughts on “What Will You Never Regret?

  1. I will never regret my marriage to my wonderful wife and best friend, She is the love of my life and has made my journey through life a joy. I will never regret our two boys and the way we raised them. They are fine young men. I will never regret being the type of person I am, holding true high morals and integrity, and a heart for helping others. I will never regret moving to Texas as I could not imaging a better place to raise my family. I will never regret the many blessings God has given me throughout my life or the creativity he has given me, that makes me smile and has given me many experiences I would not have had otherwise. I will never regret the friendship of a few very special people in my life who help fill me up from time to time. I will never regret experiencing the love and loyalty of a German Shepard dog. I have had several and they and been true companions.

  2. I will never regret becoming a Christian, marry Dan and having a big wonderful family,also knowing you and Margo!

  3. I will never regret that the worst times of decision making in my life produced the most beautiful thing… My smart handsome kind son Sean.

  4. Praying to God on Christmas Eve 1991. Asking to be free from the need or want to drink alcohol. I am certain Of God’s awesome power, never wanted to drink since that day.

    • Jerry, thanks for sharing that. I had not thought about it like that, but sobriety is something a person will never regret in the end. It is nice going through life with eyes wide open and all senses working properly. I really appreciate your participating!

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