In addition to sharing the message of Forward Story in writing, I also speak to audiences of all sizes and backgrounds to provide practical guidance on using the power of narrative to make a brighter future.

I tailor my message for each specific audience in order to engage and connect in an effective way. I bring my background in ministry, public speaking, and professional experience in business settings to all speaking appointments. And since Forward Story is about using the power of narrative, expect to hear great stories to illustrate the message.

Forward Story Speaking Topics

  • What is Your Story? Take Charge of Your Future
  • How Teens Can Develop a Forward Story
  • Forward Story from High School into College and Career
  • How Organizations Can Use Narrative to Change Their Trajectory
  • Shaping Your Family’s Future With a Forward Story

If you would like to discuss having me speak to your small group, youth group, or larger audience, please drop me a note on the Contact Us page.