Tweets of the Week: Recipes, Health, Posture & Boomerangs

Week of June 7, 2015

twitter-bird-4Saturday is a good day to recap the activity from our Twitter feed from the past week. Not sure what Twitter is all about? That’s OK. Neither are we (or at least it remains somewhat mysterious to us). There is no denying, however, that there is some very valuable information shared on Twitter. That is what this weekly feature is all about. Click the links below to check out the good stuff. Here are my Top Tweets from this past week, great for retweeting (whatever that is). If you missed these, follow Forward Story on Twitter.

Here are a few recipes from people we trust:

Danielle Walker ‏@againstallgrain Jun 11
Gluten-Free Shirred Eggs #paleo #glutenfree #againstallgrain

Maria Emmerich ‏@MariaEmmerich Jun 11
Salt Block Cooking #LCHF #keto #lowcarb

Maria Emmerich ‏@MariaEmmerich Jun 8
Thin Mint Cookies #LCHF #keto #lowcarb


 Some great information related to health:

Mark Hyman, M.D. ‏@markhymanmd Jun 5
When this Master-Metabolism Hormone Malfunctions, You Become Fat, Tired and Inflamed

Michael Hyatt ‏@MichaelHyatt Jun 8
New Post: Why Going Outdoors Makes You Smarter, Stronger, and More Spiritual

Sara Gottfried, MD ‏@DrGottfried Jun 8
Got #Hashi’s? Gut Heath: Autoimmunity and the Leaky Gut Connection

JJ Virgin ‏@jjvirgin Jun 10
People who #eat a lot of #carbohydrates are #sugar-burners. Read full article:


 How’s Your Posture?

Amy Kubal ‏@AmykRd Jun 8
Lost Posture: Why Indigenous Cultures Don’t Have Back Pain


Family and Parenting / Grandparenting

Rachel Cruze ‏@RachelCruze Jun 8
Have your kids moved back in after graduating college? Here are 3 tips to teach them to stand on their own.