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Week of June 14, 2015

twitter-bird-3Saturday is a good day to recap the activity from our Twitter feed from the past week. Not sure what Twitter is all about? That’s OK. Neither are we (or at least it remains somewhat mysterious to us). There is no denying, however, that there is some very valuable information shared on Twitter. That is what this weekly feature is all about. Click the links below to check out the good stuff. Here are my Top Tweets from this past week, great for retweeting (whatever that is). If you missed these, follow Forward Story on Twitter.

By the way, if you are wondering what the @ and # signs are all about, these are Twitter’s way to identify the Twitter handle (@) for the person who tweeted (for example, ours is @forward_story) and to allow for an indexing or categorization of the tweet by using one or more hashtags (#). Feel free to ignore these and just follow the link for the content we are sharing with you.

Here are a few recipes from people we trust:

Danielle Walker ‏@againstallgrain Cashew Milk Recipe #paleo #glutenfree #againstallgrain

Civilized Caveman ‏@CookingCaveman Fluffy Blueberry pancakes that are going to change your life.

Maria Emmerich ‏@MariaEmmerich Sunflower Seed Crackers #LCHF #keto #lowcarb

JJ Virgin ‏@jjvirgin Add a dash of #lemon juice, a pinch of #salt, and some #seasoning to your EVOO for the perfect #salad #dressing. RT



Mark Hyman, M.D. ‏@markhymanmd Take back your kitchen & embrace the act of cooking #realfood.


 Some great information related to health:

Experience Life ‏@ExperienceLife Full-Spectrum Eating: 5 Tips for getting more Phytonutrients from @fxmed #nutrition #health #phytonutrients

Sara Gottfried, MD ‏@DrGottfried Morning Yoga Time It’s almost the weekend… Dr’s orders: Try to do this neck release 8x per day — it helps so…

Health Wire ‏@MyHealthWire The “Fab Five” of Fermented Foods @CavemanDoctor #probiotics


We all need recreation and nature

Michael Hyatt ‏@MichaelHyatt Today’s New Post: 9 Reasons You Need More Fishing in Your Life. Read here:

My aunt, Susan Adcox, discusses Nature Deficit: Susan Adcox ‏@grandparent I’m a podcaster! Listen to my advice for grandparents about giving advice @RoundAboutChat:


Learn to Program

Khan Academy ‏@khanacademy Learn programming with us in our #SummerOfScripting. We’ll send you weekly emails & contests!


Books to make your summer more entertaining and enlightening

10 weird but wonderful book recommendations from the super successful by @entrylevelrebel via @Inc